5 Best Eco-Friendly Diapers For Your Baby

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eco friendly DiapersDiapers are one of the most common wastes that people throw away. Aside from the fact that they smell bad after your baby uses them, they are also not that good for the environment. They end up in a landfill and contaminate the soil that we live in. Oftentimes, the toxic wastes that come out of a used diaper can possibly affect our environment in a bad way.

Most manufacturers usually make diapers out of plastic and other substances that do not become biodegradable, causing them years upon years to disappear in the face of the earth. This means trouble because their toxic content could even be swallowed by animals, such as whales!

If you want to go green, you may be looking for the best eco-friendly diapers. Nature can end up disappearing in a bad way if we don’t consider what we are throwing away. Therefore, here are some eco-friendly, nature-friendly, and greener options when you want the best diaper for your little one.


Best Biodegradable Diapers Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best eco-friendly diapers:

1. Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers Classic

This eco-friendly baby diaper set uses a design that doesn’t use any unnecessarily chemicals, making them eco-friendly. This also means that your baby can have less risk of allergies and diaper rash. Sustainable processes have been used to making these diapers and they have been tested by dermatologists and FSC-certified.

It is also worth noting that they passed the Nordic Swan Ecolabel that certifies that their product doesn’t have allergens and substances that could irritate your baby’s skin. With that said, they are also soft and highly absorbent so they can be used in both daytime and nighttime scenarios.

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The soft, textile-like design of the back helps your baby to stay comfortable while the top dry system ensures less likelihood of leaks and rashes. The thin design also makes it less bulky for babies on the go while the side panels are easy to stretch for simple fitting. Each pack contains 28 diapers and you can choose from sizes 1 to 6.


2. ECO BOOM Baby Bamboo Biodegradable Disposable Diapers

This set of biodegradable diapers can help the environment to lessen the landfill trash that we throw that doesn’t disintegrate. Each pack has 74 diapers and they are also hypoallergenic so they won’t likely cause diaper rash. Natural cotton is used for the top sheet, making the diaper breathable overall.

The core is made with a super-absorbent material so that the surface can be kept dry for hours of use, along with the super diffusion layer. It is made without any TBT, antioxidants, latex, or PVC, so it can be gentle on your baby’s skin and to the environment as well.

Bamboo material is what’s used to make the back sheet cover, which adds a layer of breathability and durability. What’s more, bamboo is an eco-friendly and nature-friendly choice due to its resilience and wide availability. Bamboo is also more biodegradable than your usual plastic and synthetic materials.


3. The Honest Company Club Box Pandas & Safari

As a gentle and absorbent baby diaper set, this one is made with plant-derived materials so that adds to its environment-friendly quality. Each pack has 80 diapers all in all and they are all hypoallergenic to be safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Using True Absorb technology, the diapers have advanced leak protection that can absorb your baby’s wetness like your regular old diaper but with an added eco-friendly feature. It also has a very soft liner that can be comfortable for your little one while keeping them dry.

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The fitting is just right due to the stretchable side panels and elastic waist to help reduce the likelihood of blowouts. The core is made with sustainably-harvested fluff pulp and biodegradable materials for the core to ensure your baby only gets quality eco-friendly diaper materials.

To further protect your baby against rashes and whatnot, it is made without artificial fragrances, lotions, chlorine, or latex.


4. Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers, Double Gusset

If you want to go a step up for being eco-friendly in your diaper use, consider trying one of these reusable cloth diapers. They are easily adjustable and can be used by both boys and girls. They have a waterproof cover so they can be used even at the beach or near the pool, and can be washed easily.

A total of 6 cloth diapers are included with a total of 20 diaper sheets and 6 liners for you to mix and match. It even has a matching wash bag so that you can easily toss it into the washing machine whenever it needs to be cleaned. The fabrics used are of high quality so it doesn’t cause allergies.

The diapers also have a third snap so that your baby will not get loose diapers all the time. The inner leg and gussets are also lined with microfiber for added protection against leaks and blowouts. The diapers are also quite absorbent and have a silky soft feeling with the texture.


5. Dewor Baby Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers

Yet another set of disposable diapers, the bamboo material is what makes this eco-friendly overall. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes and you can get up to 72 diapers in one pack. The bamboo diapers are made without chemicals, lotions, and dyes for your child to be free of rashes.

The core is not only soft but also thin to help with your baby’s breathability. It has also not been made with chlorine or bleaching and the wood pulp fluff comes from sustainably-harvested ways in chosen forests.

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Aloe Vera has been used as the liner so that your baby’s likelihood of diaper rash will be lessened due to its soothing properties. There’s also a wetness indicator, much like with commercial diaper brands, to help save you time.

Adding to its plus points are the flexible waistband and magic side panel, which helps your baby to easily fit in during quick diaper changes. The barrier also has a 3D form-fitting design so it hugs your baby naturally.


Things to Consider Before You Buy

To look for the best eco-friendly diapers, here are things you may want to know first:

How do I choose the best eco-friendly diapers?

If you want to look for some earth-friendly diapers, here are things you should check out:

  1. Eco-friendly materials. Consider bamboo, which is biodegradable, as well as organic cotton, which is not only soft and breathable but also sustainable.
  2. Sustainable sources. As we mentioned, getting from sustainable sources and forests is important when choosing an eco-friendly diaper.
  3. No chemicals or dyes. These are common in commercial diapers but not in eco-friendly ones. Choose ones that do not have dyes or lotions.
  4. No latex. Most of the time, latex, along with PVC, can be irritants to your baby’s skin and to the environment, so it’s best to use diapers without them (or with alternatives).
  5. Simple packaging. It is usually the simplest packages that have better chances of less environmental impact. If you can, skip diapers that have prints unless they are plant-derived.


Why should I buy eco-friendly diapers?

To save our ecosystems.

The world’s ecosystem has been filled with trash and toxic materials. Our ecosystems can no longer thrive if they will be filled with waste materials such as those coming from used diapers. This can not only impact our future generations but it can also affect our present. It could poison animals and also cause damage to trees.

By being more responsible and applying sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly diapers instead of commercial ones, we may be doing our part to help save our ecosystems.

To help reduce landfill problems.

The problem with baby diapers is that they don’t really belong to the environment because they aren’t made with biodegradable material. If you buy a baby diaper that is biodegradable then it can help to reduce the landfill problem that is faced by many countries around the world.

Not all countries and states have landfills that are enough, and some even have spaces that are already full. Therefore, to reduce the need for landfill maintenance, it can be helpful to use baby diapers that are biodegradable.

To save our animals.

Each year, thousands of marine animals can get poisoned by ingesting toxic waste – plastics included. This also includes baby diapers that washed away to the sea. In fact, some whales and large fish have ingested these diapers and became so sick that they died!

If you want to save animals then it’s time to go green. By having baby diapers that are nature-friendly, they will not be toxic to our friendly animals and they won’t go into the wild. Instead, they will be biodegradable. Or, if you use diapers that are reusable, they can help so that you don’t add more toxic wastes to the environment.

To keep your baby rash-free.

A baby’s skin can be quite delicate so it is important to keep it away from rashes by using a material that is less likely to irritate them. Eco-friendly diapers are made with little to no chemicals or bleaching so they can be gentle to your baby’s skin overall.

They are also made without fragrances or dyes so this adds more eco-friendly value as well. Most babies can be sensitive to fragrances so by having a diaper that doesn’t have one, it could also help them not get allergies or allergic reactions.

To save budget in the long run.

If you use an eco-friendly diaper, you will save more budget, especially if you use diapers that are reusable. As compared to commercial diapers, the use of eco-friendly materials can save you a lot because they are made with more sustainable materials, allowing them to lessen the production costs. This works well if you use a reusable or washable baby diaper.

To lessen the toxic waste we throw away.

Thousands of diapers are thrown each month and year so it helps to lessen it by using a reusable or eco-friendly baby diaper. Or you can also use a baby diaper that is biodegradable so that at least less toxic waste will go to the environment.

While we cannot totally prevent toxic waste to leak into the soil and waters, using eco-friendly diapers can help to reduce it.

To save our future generations.

When we have a clean and green surrounding that have fewer toxic baby diapers, we can save our forests, our rivers, our soil, our animals, and the like for the future generations to come.


How do I use eco-friendly diapers?

That clearly depends on whether your eco-friendly diaper is a reusable one or a disposable one:

  • For a disposable one, you just snap them in place and then change them as needed. They can be thrown away but they will be more biodegradable than a regular commercial diaper. This means that they can have less impact on the environment and will melt down easily without a lot of harsh chemicals building up in the soil.


  • For a reusable one, you may need to wear them along with diaper liners that are usually included with the set. Reusable diapers can be tossed in your washing machine and just hang them to dry or use a dryer depending on the instructions for care. They can save you more money in the long run as compared to traditional disposable ones.



To wrap it up, our top pick for the best eco-friendly diapers is the Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers Classic because it has been certified by the FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and various dermatologists worldwide that it doesn’t have any unnecessarily chemicals, making them eco-friendly. This also helps your baby to have less likelihood of diaper rash.

The soft design is also going to be quite relaxing and breathable for your baby. While we also picked other eco-friendly diapers here, we chose this one because its price can compete even with the commercial brands. But overall, we liked it because of its smart packaging.



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